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About Us

In May 2005, Mrs. Kim opened the long-awaited Beaverton Jade Sauna. This “no-frills” day sauna/spa offers a taste of the exotic East to women in Portland . Beaverton Jade Sauna has combined the best of traditional Korean bathing techniques in order to leave our clients feeling younger, rejuvenated, and the cleanest you've ever been!

Bathing is a universal part of daily life, and yet different cultures have developed distinctive bathing rituals. Here at Beaverton Jade Sauna, we would like to introduce a unique Korean bath culture—rejuvenating both the body and mind. Historic records indicate that Koreans have taken pleasure bathing since ancient times. The oldest documentation of these practices reaches to the Silla Kingdom in 57 BC. As the eras passed, bathing became used for sanitary and aesthetic practices, Buddhist principles, and medicinal tonics. People bathed in stone tubs with herbs, lotus leaves, and mugwort. Today, these bathing rituals are used mainly for a deep body cleansing, health benefits, and leisure aspects.

The Korean bath culture is called “ttaemiri”. After soaking themselves in a hot tub, Koreans have traditionally used an abrasive “Italy Towel” to vigorously scrub every inch of the body. This process scrubs off all dead skin cells (corneous and sebum) resulting in fresher, smoother skin. This “Italy Towel” is a unique product of Korean bath culture and has become a major souvenir for tourist. Sometime in the mid 1960s, a linen shop owner is said to have used a rough cloth, imported from Italy , for scrubbing and liked the effect. This led to the development of today's “Italy Towel.”

The newest addition to the Korean bath culture is the “Jim-Jil-Bang” (jade sauna room). The popularity of jade sauna rooms has exploded in Korea . These bathhouses—located across the country—are regularly packed with both tourists and locals. Jade sauna rooms are a low temperature dry sauna. In Korea , medical authorities have confirmed the health benefits of the simple touch of jade stone. It has been proven to improve blood flow and relax the muscular system. Whereas a conventional sauna circulates heated air which can cause breathing difficulties and flushed skin, our jade sauna room radiates heat through the floor, providing a well balanced temperature throughout our large room. In Korea , athletes and those suffering arthritis and osteoporosis are regularly advised to use jade sauna rooms as treatments.

Beaverton Jade Sauna has combined the best of traditional Korean bathing techniques and jade saunas. We sincerely hope you enjoy your experience. Please drop by anytime during business hours or give us a call to schedule an individual appointment.