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Bath Steps

The Traditional Bathhouse Process

We have outlined the steps of a pleasant bathhouse experience. Feel free to follow the steps or create your own bath rituals. The Korean bath ritual is traditionally experienced in the nude, but robes are provided. We hope you feel comfortable enough in our women's day spa to leave behind any constrictions and self-doubt.

You experience should leave your body feeling rejuvenated, your skin radiant and porcelain smooth, and your mind as peace.

Step 1 - Shower Room

Take a shower before starting the bathing process. All soaps and shampoos are available for use.

Step 2 - Sea Salt Room

Enter the room and you should start to feel an inner warmth right away. Use one of the available blankets to encourage more sweating. This room is designed for maximum prespiration to allow your skin pores to open. This will allow for easier exfoliation.

Step 3 - Steam Sauna

The steam room is enhanced with mugwort and jade stones .

Step 4 - Exfoliation

At this time, your skin will be ready for exfoliation. If you have booked an appointment, the exfoliationist will come and get you. If you are self exfoliating, sit by the tonic pools, enhanced with jade and mugwort, and use the "Italy Towel" to start scrubbing.

Step 5 - Jade Room

After the exfoliation process, enter the Jade Room and sit or lie down. After a few minutes, you should start to feel warm and relaxed. After sitting in this room, we recommend not showering again. You will have perspired but your skin will not be sticky. Just dry off with a tower.