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Photo Tour

1.Jade Room

Medical officials in Korea have confirmed the health benefits of jade rocks. One of the first stops for tourist in Korea is the bathhouse.

2-Jade Floor

The entire floor is lined with 1 ton of natural jade rocks from a mine in CheonChun Province .

3-Jade Rocks.

4-Salt Room

The floor of this room is lined with natural sea salt to smooth the skin.


Mugwort has been used from thousands of years as a medicinal tonic in both China and Korea .

6- Pine Wood

Koreans use pinewood for everything, from natural potpourri to treating skin conditions, and allergies.

7-Massage Table

8-Exfoliation Tables

Our exfoliation specialist uses a traditional invigorating Korean cleansing process to clean the entire body.

9- Dry Sauna

The Dry Sauna is enhanced with mugwort and other ancient Chinese herbs

10-Bath Water

11-Dressing Area