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Tea Chair

Have a glass of green tea and prepare for another new experience, the tea chair. The tea chair is made of cedar wood and is a non-invasive douche. Warm steam rises from a mixture of herbs are placed beneath the chair. Warm vapors rise through an opening in the center. Through regular use, this gyno-steam is believed to prevent PMS and yeast infections. Mothers who have recently given birth are encouraged to use the gyno-steam in the healing process.

Body Scrub

Our specialist will begin with a wave of water that crashes up and down your body, followed by a light sprinkle of milk to soften the skin. Using an “ Italy towel” she will vigorously scrub away layers of dead skin. A scrub from our specialist will feel like an extravagant pampering. This process takes about 40 minutes and booking appointments ahead of time are encouraged.

Deep Tissue Massage

Our licensed LMTs offer a feel range of professional massages. Styles include deep tissue, Swedish, sports, Reiki, Shiatsu, and trigger point. All appointments must be made in advance. Massages typically last for an hour.

Moisture Massage

This is an hour long process that will leave your skin feeling silky smooth. Our specialist uses olive oil, milk, honey, and aloe vera on both body and face. After the skin has soaked in the nutrients from this mixture, our specialist uses steaming hot towels to clean and relax the entire body from top to bottom.


This covers the one time use of our facilities (jade sauna room, salt room, steam and sauna rooms, tonic pools) and use of our robes and towels.

Gift area

Our gift area is filled with intimates, herbs, “Italy Towels,” etc.